MT4 error 4112: How to Fix Automated Trading Restriction

What is MT4 error 4112?

The MT4 error 4112 means your broker server is restricting you from executing automated trading.

MT4 error4112

First of all, we need to clarify that error 4112 has nothing to do with your MT4 settings, EA coding, or any other software-related issues. The reason and the solution to this problem entirely depend on the limitations/restrictions applied by your broker.

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MT4 Error 4051: How to Fix Invalid Trading Lot Amount

What is MT4 error 4051?

The MT4 error 4051 is a MetaTrader OrderSend error suggesting the trading platform is denying an order due to an invalid trading lot amount.

Whenever an MT4 receives a trade request, it thoroughly examines the parameters of the order. When an EA sends an order request, the system automatically verifies the maximum and minimum limit of trading volumes allowed for the particular entry. At any point, the platform detects an order with a trading lot that you are not permitted to execute; it denies the order request showing ERR_INVALID_FUNCTION_PARAMETER_VALUE.

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MT4 error 4109: How to Fix Trade Is Not Allowed

What is MT4 error 4109?

The MT4 error 4109 is one of the most common errors encountered by Expert Advisor (EA) users. The generic meaning of this error code is Trade Is Not Allowed, which means your EA cannot send an order to your broker server.

After you activate an EA on a chart, the software automatically starts looking for trading opportunities. The MT4 verifies if the bot is allowed for an automated trading operation whenever it requests an order.

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MT4 Error 131: How to Fix Invalid Volume OrderSend

What is MT4 Error 131?

The MT4 error 131 is an invalid volume OrderSend error code. It suggests that your Expert Advisor (EA) sends an order with an inappropriate trade volume to your broker’s server.

This error code may frequently appear during testing an MT4 EA, especially when there is an issue with the volume settings of your trading robot. Otherwise, it may happen due to a coding error of the expert advisor.

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MT4 error 4111: How to Fix OrderSend Error

What is MT4 error 4111?

The MT4 error 4111 is an OrderSend error code. This code indicates an Expert Advisor (EA) is failing to execute a sell order.

Most of the EAs are enabled for executing both buy and sell orders. When an automated trading system spots a trading opportunity, it delivers an order command to MT4. In any case, the system fails to trigger a short entry and it sends the error code 4111.

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Why is Forex Spread Important for Traders

Forex spread refers to the difference between the exchange rate at which a broker sells a currency and the rate at which the broker buys the currency. The key to understanding spread involves the concept of trading in pairs. Every time a trader either buys or sells a currency, the trader will also buy/sell the second currency from the pair in the opposite direction.

The price at which the broker sells the currency is also known as the bid price. In contrast, the price at which they buy the currency is the asking price. 

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MT4 Error 133: How to Fix Disabled Trading

What is MT4 error 133?

The MT4 error code 133 means your trade copier has failed to locate a currency pair while executing an order through your Metatrader platform. Such OrderSend errors are mostly experienced by traders who use auto-trading features for scalping and intraday trading purposes. The fact is, even if you use the most powerful copy trader in the world, you may still miss profitable trade entries due to such errors.

This problem can occur for one or multiple reasons. It may happen due to bad internet, restrictions from brokers, and a malfunction of the copy trading bot. In this article, we have discussed the possible reasons behind this OrderSend 133 error. Also, we have explained how to fix MT4 error 133.

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